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2024 Baseball Season Tryout Information

2024 Bennington Premier & Rec+ Baseball Tryout Registration

The Registration "2024 Baseball Season Tryout Information" is not currently available.

Team Selection Status

Last Update:  8/15, 1:00 pm

Please note that Rec Baseball registration will begin in late December/early January.

Age Division Status Target Completion
7U Premier Completed
8U Premier Completed
Rec+ Completed
9U Premier Completed
Rec+ Completed
10U Premier Completed
Rec+ Completed
11U Premier Complete
Rec+ Complete
12U Premier Completed
Rec+ Complete
13U Premier Completed
Rec+ Complete
14U Premier Completed
Rec+ Complete

2024 Bennington Premier Baseball Information

Tryout dates (2024 age groups):

  • July 10th:
    • 14U:  Check-in at Hickey
    • 7U, 8U:  Check-in at BAL Complex
  • July 11th:
    • 9U & 10U
    • Check-in at BAL Complex
  • July 12th:
    • 11U, 13U
    • Check-in at BAL Complex
  • July 14th:
    • 12U
    • Check-in at BAL Complex

Check-in 5:30pm;  Start 6:00pm

All tryouts will be at the BAL Baseball/Softball Complex.  Register now to hold your spot.  Please check back for more updates. 

No walkups.

Premier Baseball: One or more teams at each level: 7U, 8U, 9U, 10U, 11U, 12U, 13U, 14U (Age as of 4/30/2024; more age information can be found in the USSSA Rules). If there is sufficient depth of players and interest at any age level, we may consider having more than one team. 

• 11-12 players per team 

• Teams will be responsible for scheduling their own games 

Number of games: 

  • 7U/8U:  30-35
  • 9U:  35-40
  • 10U/11U:  45-50
  • 12U:  45-55
  • 13U: 50-60
  • 14U:  55-65



  • 7U/8U:  3-4
  • 9U:  4-5
  • 10U/11U: 5-6
  • 12U:  5-7
  • 13U/14U:  6-8



Uniforms:  $135-230 (please note that uniforms will be paid for separately in Nov-Jan and the cost will depend on the player being new or a returning Bennington Premier Player)

  • 7U = $1,100 + uniform per player
  • 8U = $1,300 + uniform per player
  • 9U - 10U = $1,500 + uniform per player
  • 11U - 12U = $1,600 + uniform per player
  • 13U – 14U = $1,700 + uniform per player

$100-$250 Deposit once selected for a team, due upon acceptance of spot on team

Paid online at 

Additional balance to be paid by monthly payments via online credit card. Payment #1 Due by within 24 hours of acceptance.  Remaining balance may be paid in full or will be divided over 5 months and pulled from your account in equal payments.

The cost go towards:

  • 1 - year membership to Elkhorn Training Camp (valid at all facilities) with 1 free private lesson for each player and 1 free team practice
  • Twelve - 90 Minute Practices at Elkhorn Training Camp January-March
  • Access to ETC’s Hit Trax facilities
  • Field Maintenance and Preparation for 10 Home Games
  • Umpires for Home Games
  • Insurance
  • Practices on BAL Fields
  • Catcher’s Gear and Baseballs
  • USSSA Team Registration
  • Registration of USSSA Sanctioned Tournaments. 


Not included: Team Banner, Additional Tournaments above the included amount, Additional Uniforms/Hats (still need to go through BAL provider and approved by BAL), Team Apps (iScore, Game Changer, Team Snap, etc.) Uniforms/Backpacks, Spirit Gear, (Uniforms will be purchased separately by parents.) For a new player it will include 3 jerseys with name/number, 2 pants, individual helmet, ball cap, belt and potentially socks. Parents can also purchase any additional items as they desire. If the team determines they would like to play in additional tournaments that the original cost does not cover, the team will have to raise the money separately. Any additional or premium uniform items such as bags, warm-ups, sweatshirts, etc. would be optional equipment as decided by the team at an additional cost to the parent and must be approved by BAL in advance. BAL provides opportunities each year for the team to purchase these types of items. Please contact the Fundraising Director.

2024 Bennington Rec+ Baseball Information

Tryout dates

  • July 13th:
    • 8U - 10U
    • Check-in at BAL Complex
  • July 14th:
    • 11U - 14U
    • Check-in at BAL Complex

Check-in 5:30pm;  Start 6:00pm

**If you completed tryouts for Premier and did not make a Premier team, you do not need to do Rec+ tryouts to make a Rec+ team.  Your son's tryout results for Premier will count towards Rec+.**

All tryouts will be at the BAL Baseball/Softball Complex.  Register now to hold your spot.  Please check back for more updates. 

No walkups.

Rec + are divisions with fewer games, lower costs, and will be played through the Elkhorn Athletic Association (EAA).  Games will be scheduled in partnership with the BAL.   Team training will also be available from January through March at the ETC.

Number of games: 

  • 8U:  12-15
  • 9U/10U:  18-20
  • 11U/12U/13U/14U:  18-23



  • 8U:  1-2
  • 9U/10U:  3-4
  • 11U/12U/13U/14U:  4-5



Uniforms:  Only a jersey will be provided and is included as part of the registration 

  • 8U = $290
  • 9U - 10U = $310
  • 11U - 12U = $350
  • 13U – 14U = $370

Paid online at

2024 Tryout Process

  • Tryouts will be done for each age group. 
  • Kids who wish to tryout for Rec+ only need to show up on the Rec+ date.
  • If a kid does not make a Premier team and wishes to play on a Rec+ team, they do not need to show up for Rec+ tryouts.  The assessment from Premier tryouts will be used for Rec+.
  • Assessments will be performed by coaches 2 levels above the assessed group, e.g. 2024's 11U tryouts will be assessed by the 2023 12U coaches. 
  • Metrics will be compiled by the board and will work with current coaches to select their team.
  • Head coaches of the top team will be chosen by the board.  Subsequent teams' coaches will be based on board decisions and  tryout turnout.
  • The 1st Team Head Coach will make offers to all player(s) within 24 hours.  Subsequent Teams' coaches will have 24-48 hours after the last offer is accepted to begin sending offers.
  • Please anticipate that it may take 1-2 weeks to finalize teams as lower and Rec+ team coaches will need time to evaluate and communicate offers.
  • Upon accepting the offer, a deposit must be made within 24 hours to secure the spot on the roster.  Once player selections are finalized, the selections are given to the Board to begin the administrative processes for BAL.
  • The number of Premier Teams and Rec+ teams will be determined by the number of players who tryout.  The decision will be made final by the board.
  • Once teams are formed with Head Coaches, the Head Coach for each team will reach out for any assistant coaching needs.

Tryout Dates: 

  • Specific age group dates will be communicated out 1-2 weeks before the tryout week


Q: Can kids outside of Bennington try-out? 

A: Your kid(s) must attend the Bennington School District or if your kid(s) attend another school you must live in the school district.  Any other considerations need to be approved by the BAL Board.


Q: Is my child expected to make each game and practice if trying out for a Premier team? What if we have a vacation planned? 

A: Players are expected to make a best effort to attend all practices and games, and should prioritize tournaments over other activities.  We understand conflicts may arise and we ask that you communicate ahead of team with the head coach to ensure enough players can field a team for a game or tournament.   


Q: Will there be player development year-round? 

A: That is up to the individual coach. They will let you know what they have planned. The coaches do know that most kids are multi-sport players and will schedule around or accommodate absences in the off-season. BAL does not have an indoor facility, so we contract with Elkhorn Training Center, Strikezone or Creighton University for winter and early spring training space. At the end of the day, while BAL will do everything it can to provide opportunities, practice, and mentoring, it is also up to the parent to take the time to individually develop their child. 


Q: What will the Tryout assess? 

A: Tryouts will assess fielding, fly balls, hitting, pitching and base running.


Q: How will the coaches be selected?

A: The Board will choose coaches for all Bennington Premier teams.  Parents that are interested in coaching teams for the next season should reach out to the contact below. 


Q: How many coaches will the teams have? 

A: The Board will select the Head Coach as soon as possible. After tryouts are conducted and the team is determined, the head coach can have up to 3 additional assistant coaches that he/she will pick. 

Q: Do I need to register or just show up for Tryouts? Does everyone try-out? Or just if you want to be on a Select level team? 

A: Any player wanting to try out has to register.   


Q: What if we cannot make the tryout date? 

A: If you cannot make the specified tryout dates, please reach out to the contact listed below to schedule a makeup date before the scheduled tryout dates.  Makeups cannot be after as teams will be selected immediately following the tryout dates.


Q: Can my son try out for an upper age level (e.g. 12U) or conversely, can my son try out for a lower age level (e.g. 11U) if they meet the DOB cut-off date or in case he doesn’t make the higher-level team? 

A: BAL recommends players to participate with their grade level in school 


Q: Once my child has made a Premier team, do they have to try out every year? 

A: Yes.  All players will need to tryout.


Q: Will we have enough players to have a Premier team at every level? 

A: The goal is to have at least one Premier team at every level, but it is going to depend on numbers and quality of players. With the growth of Bennington, we have been able to support multiple teams in USSSA select levels. The board is committed to making the teams compete at the level that will be best to develop the kids. It does no one any good to be put into a level in which they can’t compete. 


Q: What if I have more questions? 

A: Please submit them using the Contacts located at the bottom of this page.


Kyle Smith

Zach Hettenbaugh

Caleb Dean