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Bennington Athletic League

Key Messages & Weather Cancellations

View the BAL Weather Info and guidelines

Our SMS Weather Updates (text alerts) will only be sent on days impacted by rain outs causing closed fields.

NOTE: BAL does not announce cancellations for away games. 

BAL will announce all weather cancellations by 4:00pm Monday thru Friday and two hours before games on weekends. 

Any fields that are prepped for games are to be considered closed until game play is completed. 




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NOTE:  The alert is the official notification method.  We will update the Website as we can, but the alert is more timely.

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B.A.L. Sponsorship Opportunities

Your contribution will assist the BAL in strengthening our program by aiding in the purchase of new equipment, maintaining software systems and existing equipment and facilities, and meeting the ongoing education and training of both our volunteer coaching staff and our players.  Without your contribution, this program would not be possible! 

Visit the Sponsor Tab and learn more about how you can become a BAL Sponsor.